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TokeHouse is where you turn to for any and every smoking gear requirement you may have!

Welcome to TokeHouse, an online headshop founded in Wisconsin, bringing a variety of smoking supplies and tools to smokers all over the US. With a vast variety of smoking gear, exceptional service, bonus shopping benefits, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you will love TokeHouse!

Our Aim

Our aim is the satisfaction of our customers and that can only be guaranteed if we cater to all their needs with the best products and service so that is what we offer. Our headshop offers all kinds of smoking gear and supplies so we can easily cater to the needs of smokers all over the US. Not only is our product range extensive and diverse but we also take requests with our merchandise and try to find the specific supplies you are in search of! All products sold here are top quality which is just another way we secure your satisfaction!

Some more information about us…

Get to know us better! Here’s all information about our products, service, and more – we are completely open and transparent about our company!

Our Products

Our headshop carries a massive variety of products that cater to every smokers needs. We are always sourcing new and high quality smoking gear for you to guarantee the best smoking experience to our customers. We know the right smoking supplies at hand can truly enhance your smoking experience so a vast product range is always what we strive to provide. We also offer to find a product for you if you cannot find it in our product range – this way, you don’t have to look anywhere else for your smoking gear needs! We can either source your specifically required product or even have it manufactured for you. At TokeHouse, we go out of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

Alongside providing various products, we don’t overlook quality for quantity. Each and every product we source is specifically checked to ensure it matches our high standards. We only pick premium quality tools and supplies for you so that we can offer a range of only the best products! Value is something you needn’t worry about when you’re shopping with TokeHouse.

Our Programs

One of the ways we make your experience unique with TokeHouse is via bonus programs! These programs give you, valued customer, the best benefits as you shop for your smoking gear needs. We offer Reward Points that you can earn for every dollar spent and referral given. Points added up give you future shopping benefits. We also have an Affiliate Program in place that lets you earn commissions for referring TokeHouse to others. Additionally, we offer a Monthly Subscription Box. This subscription includes premium products each month. Shopping with TokeHouse is fun and full of value!

Our Online Shop

The experience of shopping online at TokeHouse, straight from the comfort of your home, is amazing because we have ensured all aspects of our online shop are user friendly. From easily browsing our product range to safe online payments, fast and free shipping, and amazing customer service, you will love the experience of shopping with us! We always use our customers’ feedback to improve our online shop so you can always expect a better service and nothing less!

Our Guarantee

We are happy to offer to you our Shatter Shield protection. With this, if you purchase Shatter Shield protection while buying a product from TokeHouse, you get full guarantee that if you break your item and contact us, we will give you half the items worth in a discount code! If you don’t want to purchase it again, we your discount code is free to use on any products!

Our Customer Service

We strive to offer the best customer service out there. Our focus is to be highly accessible and present whenever you need our assistance! Whether you have a question you need to ask about our products or need more information about us, get in touch with our staff anytime. We are available for every need—from regular customer service to helping you choose the right product for your smoking needs. You can contact us via Live Chat, phone or email! We will respond as soon as possible within 24 hours.

Thank you for getting to know TokeHouse – a leading online headshop with all the right smoking gear and supplies at the right prices and service. Happy shopping!