Shatter Shield. Protect Your Purchase with Shatter Shield

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What is Shatter Shield?


Shatter Shield is a warrantee policy to protect your glass from future breakage. We offer to protect most glass products purchased from our store. Shatter Shield must be purchased at time of sale. We provide this benefit to safeguard your glass purchase with the option to reimburse damaged or broken glass through guaranteed discounts and replacements.


How does it work?


Upon future breakage of any glass material sold through us that Shatter Shield was purchased. We will offer a 50% discount code from the original value of the broken product—for example, a $100 piece will give you a $50 off code for your next purchase of $100 or more. No cash refunds. All discounts are only eligible on purchases that total of equal or more value than the original product. Our codes cannot be combined with other coupons; however, they are applicable to items on sale in our store. Your discount code will not expire until redeemed.


How much does it cost?


Shatter Shield protection costs 20% of the purchased product’s cost and is available only at the initial time of purchase. Any inquiries about Shatter Shield AFTER payment or after receiving the glass are prohibited and will not be accepted. In addition to this, the option for coverage is only available for the original purchase, thus replacements cannot receive Shatter Shield guarantee.


What does Shatter Shield cover?


Shatter Shield does not discriminate for certain brands and only covers the glass that we sell. We will not supply discounts or coverage for products purchased elsewhere. Our policy promises indefinite compensation for anything sold in our store and will provide reimbursement for discontinued products with a 50% discount code of the original glass value.


Are there any limitations on what you can purchase with your Discount Code/Store Credit?


Shatter Shield has only one limitation—you must make a total purchase of equal value or more to the original purchase in order for any discounts to be applicable. We will not constrict you to buying the same glass as before, so long as the new purchase is equal or higher priced than the first.


How do I redeem the guarantee?


In order to redeem your Shatter Shield guarantee, contact customer service ( with a photo of the broken glass, your order number, and the name of the damaged product. DO NOT mail the glass back to us. Instead, dispose of it properly and await verification for your discount code.


Please refer to our terms of service, shipping policy, privacy policy, and returns and exchanges for additional information